Knives ​made from arrowhead and driftwood $69.99

Knivesmade from arrowhead and deer antler. $55.99

Hatchets - made with river rock from the Cherokee River. $75.99 ea.

Knives and Hatchets by Stone Wolf

Stone wolf is a pure bred Cherokee and was born in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee

​Knives by Walking Bear 

Knife and Stand $80

Knife by itself $50 

Each piece comes with a certificate stating how it is made and includes Walking Bear's Cherokee Roll number. Due to the way the stone art is produced and the variances in the stone used each piece of stone art is unique. But if you tell us the colours you are looking for we can do our best to accomodate you.

Knives and Hatchets By Alan Windwalker

Shaconage Sto​ne​ Art & Jew​elry

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