"When we walk the path with the bear, this animal will tell us about it's long history with the First People of North America. As a Native American symbol, the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind"

​To match that magnitude is the quality of unpredictability in the bear. When making the pottery the spirit of the peace creates the unique patterns of the colors. The pottery is all natural and made in Tennessee at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It is a blend of Tennessee spring water, limestone, clay and western ground clay. Each piece is unique, all pottery has a durable exterior glaze. The bowls are decorative and can be used for display or dry items, no liquids, not used for baking, but can be hand washed. Each piece comes with a certificate stating how it is made and includes Walking Bear's Cherokee Roll number.

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The Legend of the White Owl        Many, many years ago there was a White Owl who lived in the woods. The strange thing is that there were not supposed to be any Owls living in these parts of the woods, but many people have seen something white as it flew in the sky. The legend goes that a young boy got lost in the woods one day and found the White Owl. The Owl knowing that the boy wouldn’t hurt him flew down and rested by the boy as he slept. When the boy awoke he found the Owl keeping an eye on him. The Owl blinked at him and the boy blinked at the Owl for the longest time. Then the Owl took flight and rose majestically towards the trees looking back at the young boy. The boy got up and followed the Owl as it flew low in the sky always keeping an eye out for the boy. When the Owl couldn’t see the boy it swooped down and flew lower, so the boy could see him.      The trees grew thinner and thinner until the boy and Owl burst through the trees. The boy looked at his house that he had left yesterday and looked at the Owl, but the Owl was no longer there. The boy looked up in the sky, towards the tree line and then on the ground, but still no White Owl. Suddenly something caught the boy’s eye and he walked over towards the object on the ground. He picked it up and saw that it was a feather of the White Owl. He took it back towards his house where his mother and father who had just emerged from the house came running towards him.      The boy and his parents went inside the house and he told them of the White Owl who had led him to safety and then showed them the Owl’s feather. His parents told him that there were no Owls in these parts of the woods, but the boy held firmly that there was an Owl and he saved his life.     There had been many more people that have been lost in these parts of the woods and a Mysterious White Owl has rescued them all.  

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